The other side of sexism


I recently came across a photo on Twitter which presented the contrast between the response of a woman and a man when their physical appearance was praised . When a pretty woman is told by her friend that she looked beautiful she  thanks her friend , whereas when a muscular man is told that he looked handsome , unlike the woman , he asks his friend if he was a gay. Now let’s think what the muscular man’s friend might have thought. That he was not allowed to praise someone for their beauty. Besides, what we can deduce from this comparison is that admiring somebody for their beauty is purely a matter of women’s concern , which is not acceptable when done by a man. We already know what happens when a man does so. This is only a single example of troubles men face due to sexist attitudes of the society . Sexism , as we know , is an attitude or action that treats women as inferior to men . Sexist attitudes also tend to reinforce the idea that aesthetic appreciation is a female domain and it is completely denied to men.

Sexism is a prejudice and discrimination against women for maintenance of male supremacy . Apparently, women are its ultimate victims . However, we cannot overlook its negative impact on men. Men are often expected to be emotionally insensitive . Expression of anger from men is allowed than patience. They can have wider psychological implications in men. It is generally known that men are far more frequently involved in acts of violence than women.

The concept of categorising individuals as ‘men’ and ‘women’ on the basis of their sex is universal. People are expected to behave accordingly. As a Victorian poet Alfred Lord Tennyson says , “Man with head and woman with heart” and vice versa is still not easily accepted. Such concept of sex difference creates several stereotypes , which people are expected to conform to. Besides that, it also undermines the identity of genders other than man and woman. Consequently , it restricts individual expression of a person. I shall elucidate this with a quandary faced by a boy, who shared it with an agony aunt. So, this boy was quite interested in make-up and he often helped girls to put on make-up. He wanted to be a make-up artist but his parents were strongly against it. This shows how one cannot work as they wish simply because it is not normal in the society.

Sexism degrades the value of women but it also victimises men. It is something we should do away with but it is so much deep-rooted in us that we hardly realize whether we are playing culprits or victims. However, we must change our mindset and conduct if we are to get rid of sexism. Nothing shall refrain us from being who we are.



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