To LoveGuru: Part I

Could there be any more appropriate time to talk about love and relations than this month? The month of Mangshir. Everyone seems to be getting married. Love-birds tying the knot, promising each other to stay together and share all joys and pain life brings. My own sister got married two days ago and a senior colleague at my work is getting married in a week. All these weddings, unlimited supply of prawn-papad and Mountain Dew and joyous music of band-baja on the streets are making me feel “the love is in the air.”

I am single and I am 19. (This is not an invitation, boys.) I just wanted give you a hint of my inexperience in romantic relations. Anyway, I deserve a round of applause. I mean, who can stay single till 19 these days? People who know me well easily believe when I say I am single. Love?  It’s not my cup of tea. I am not the type who indulges in something so trifle as relationship. Relations are stupid.

But there are some people in our life, who consider themselves the Expert on Love. They think they know everything about love, romance, dating, heartbreak, break-up, patch-up et cetera, et cetera. They are Loveguru. Does this remind you of someone? Don’t say “No!” Every class has a Loveguru. As soon as the teacher gets out of the classroom, that Loveguru gathers a bunch of students around her and starts giving lecture on love.

“You are going on your first date? Take my 10 tips to slay it on a first date.”

“Your girlfriend is mad at you? Follow these 3 simple steps. It worked for me last time.”

“Your boyfriend is ignoring you? Teach him a lesson. Avoid him for a month. He’ll come back begging for you…saying – Babe, I am sorry. I still love you. ”

These Lovegurus talk as if they created the characters Romeo and Juliet, they knew from the beginning that something was wrong with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Do you want to know what I thought about these Lovegurus? They are stupid! More stupid than love itself.

But this was before I met a Loveguru in my high-school. Relations started making sense to me after I got along with her. After I came to know her well I realized the task of a Loveguru was not as stupid as I thought. It wasn’t something easy-peasy either.


Author: turmoil

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